Step 1: Receiving Club Requests Transfer in US Soccer Connect
Action only needs to be taken from the club that is seeking to receive the player.

The following steps are to be taken in US Soccer Connect by the club administrator of the club seeking to receive the player:

1. The club administrator navigates to the team where the player should be transferred to.
2. Club administrator clicks "Transfer to this Team" button above the listing of team players.
3. Enter the First and Last Name of the player and click search.
4. Double click on the correct player's last name. **Ensure you have the correct player
5. Click "Yes, Transfer."

The transfer will then be sent to NJYS for approval.

Step 2: Parent/Guardian Completes Transfer Acknowledgement Form
This form only needs to be completed by one parent/guardian of the player seeking transfer.


Transferring players in US Soccer Connect is a two-part process, reflective of checks and balances for the player. Pay close attention to who needs to take specific action.

For assistance regarding specific transfers, please contact