The mission of the Jackson Soccer Club is to provide an environment that promotes the postivies of team sports.

  1. Learning basic knowledge and understanding of the sport
  2. Achieving motor-skill development through exercise
  3. Developing lifelong habits of physical fitness
  4. Challenging participants to improve and achieve
  5. Living within the rules and goals of sport
  6. Sharing positive and valuable experiences with friends
  7. Learning discipline and success by hard work
  8. Promoting confidence
  9. Having fun!

We hope to promote the recreational benefits and emphasize the educational values of team sports, while putting winning and losing into an age-appropriate perspective. Mastering the skills of the game and having fun go hand-in-hand with developing a lifelong interest in team sports. Our goal is to encourage every child to have fun and return to the program year after year. We also hope that all parents will enjoy their experience and feel rewarded by their involvement.

In order to achieve these goals, we have adopted the following objectives:

  • To provide an enjoyable introduction and experience
  • To provide a healthy environment for fun and learning
  • To teach the fundamental skills within a team setting

In order to make our objectives clear to coaches, parents and athletes, we have provided a Code of Conduct Agreement for each, to be executed as a standard of our expectations. All agreements will be covered in detail with all participants at the beginning of each season. We also hope that you will emphasize these concepts with your children so that your expectations of their behavior are clear, and so each child will understand that it is not just a family expectation but also a community expectation.

Thank you again for your interest in this program. Let's keep Jackson Soccer Club #1.