General Membership Meetings
In accordance with our by-laws, Jackson Soccer Club holds General Membership Meetings throughout the calendar year. These meetings are open to all members of the club.

The meeting dates for the 2020 calendar year are posted on the JSC Calendar and are listed below:

February 26 - General Membership

March 25 - General Membership

April 29 - General Membership

May 27 - General Membership

June 17 - General Membership Meeting - Spring Raffle Drawing

July - No General Membership.

August 26 - General Membership

September 30 - General Membership

October 28 - General Membership - Nominations for Board Positions

November - No General Membership

December 9 - General Membership Meeting - Elections

Unless otherwise posted, General Membership Meetings are held at 8:00pm at the Jackson Senior Center on Don Conor Blvd.
All travel coaches shall attend at least four general membership meetings each year. Each travel team must have representation (coach or assistant coach) at a minimum of 6 general meetings per year. Failure to do so will result in a fining of the travel team.

All intramural coaches must attend at least 2 general membership meetings per year.

All members who attend at least 3 meetings a year are considered to be Members in Good Standing and are eligible to vote in general member votes and the elections of board members.